MATTHEW 1:18-25

The book of Matthew opened with the Jewish history.. setting up what is to follow..

  • the birth of Jesus..  can anybody actually say anything that is new.. or unknown about this.. ?
  • Mathew ends the first pericope with the word : Christ. The anointed King.. not Jesus last name.. but lets not jump to far ahead..
  • There is a lot more detail in the other gospels.. we will get to those later.. Matthew has an agenda.. we are going to track his mindset
  • The marriage bed..engagement.. she was a girl.. he was older.. context.. Jewish culture.. not justification.. just history. Shame and honor culture.. family is everything..
  • in the message.. (It was “ by “ the Holy Spirit, but Joesph did not know that..) this is the human condition.. we don’t know a lot. 


  • Joseph was a nice guy.. but lets be real.. your girlfriend is pregnant.. and you’ve managed to keep your pants on.. so what is he thinking ?  Who was it.. ? How long has this been going on ?  Were there tears ? Did he love her ? Was he angry.. Is Joseph a man or a biblical character ? People get killed over stuff like this everyday in the real world..  he is betrayed ! Who’s to blame..Game over !
  • Anxiety.. sick to your stomach.. chaos, heart break…massive disappointment 
  • Maybe Joseph’s character is better than that.. just maybe he had a close enough friendship to God that his first reaction was not rage or devastation.. but.. he was human.. with all that that means … 
  • Figure a way out !  … what we do.. maybe a nice extended trip.. I’ve heard Morocco is nice this time of year.. go and stay with your cousin maybe.. fret and ponder.. a bit of wringing of the hands.. sleepless nights..
  • The intervention :  Once Joe falls asleep .. bam.. and angel shows up..!  
  • A. Don’t worry !    ( this is the Nature of God .. calming our fears.. ) God knows what’s going on.. Joe does not!
  • B. There was no man involved here.. nobody to kill.. This was Spirit conceived .. ( rage management -.. the beginnings of comforting )
  • C. She will have a son.. ( ok.. this is starting to appear like it was planned ) confidence is beginning to grow. 
  • You are evolved – you have a role to play :   ..Name the baby : Yeshua .. or Jesus.. oh.. and that means “ God Saves “ because He will save His people from their sins
  • Miracles..  the reason for them ..  what they are not for.. confidence.. 
  • Matthew reminds his Jewish audience of the famous prophecy from the Torah : Isaiah 7:14 “ They will name Him “ Immanuel .. “ God is with us”.. 
  • He woke up !  In lots of ways.. He did what he was told.. He married her..Left her sexually alone and named the Baby ; Jesus
  • Miracles..  the reason for them ..  what they are not for.. confidence …When a word from God comes.. it changes everything
  • The circumstance did not change.. Joseph’s heart changed !  Perspective is everything.. God knew exactly what Joe needed to hear .. and it was enough.
  • When we hear from God.. it does the exact same thing. 


 From my journal : 9-22-2012 : scandal.. and chaos .. into order .. what a scene .. no one could imagine saving humanity would look like this !


  • Joseph and Mary’s life plan is blown to pieces !  That never happens in real life ( funny )   Does it ever not happen ?
  • Another observation :  God has a plan.. this has become foundational to me.. we want clean and little decisions with predicable outcomes..success and prosperity in all we do. But that is rarely the case..Life is not like that.. The chaos can make us blind to what’s really going on.. and that is terrifying. 
  • What we hear God saying to us is “trust me “ I have a plan.. 
  • We crave the status quo.. you give us “ the plan “.
  • Without knowing the heart of God and His love for us.. that would be impossible.
  • It’s His love for us that can keep us calm enough to endure the chaos of the world around us. Jesus called it the peace that passes understanding. 
  • This kind of peace comes from Knowing God in a very personal way.. hearing that word to your soul. You might get an Angel visit but more likely it will be a strong sense of His presence when you chose to spend time alone with Him and tell Him what you are afraid of and listen for His voice of comfort. 
  • I like to remind myself this way : He is God. He is Good. And He has a plan!
  • I am Gene Ort and you are listening to The Common Man commentary.